Marketing Your Home!!

Have a look at some examples!


Marketing is so incredibly important in Real Estate. To showcase a home with honestly and integrity is absolutely key. Having photographers that are real artists tell the story of a home is something that Stephanie uses no matter the size the home or the location. “The amount of times I have seen buyers look disappointed when they enter a home and the fridge is actually a normal size not 6 ft wide is rather silly!” Using a fisheye lens , filter or some sort of distortion method to me, misrepresents and sets the potential client up for disappointment instead of excitement when they enter your home.

Providing print marketing for each home is also key. If a buyer sees five homes on a Saturday things start to blur. Which house had which feature……. was the one with the lovely pool, also the one with the finished basement? Having printed material for that potential buyer to take home is key in reminding them which one is yours and maybe popping that brochure on the kitchen counter will allow them to revisit all the benefits of your home over one of the others they saw.

Floor plans are also something I see a lack of… however what if you have three young children and the bedrooms are on different levels, but you drive out to see the home and waste your time as no one thought to provide professional floor plans? What if you have a blended family and a separate entrance would be an amazing feature for a potential buyer? You need to showcase this!!!