Incredibly professional.  Atypically kind.


We’re lawyers with heart. We laugh and cry, celebrate and collaborate with all of our clients. Because if you’re our client, you’re our family. And we take care of family.

For peace of mind. We triple-check that your decision(s) and the effort and the hard work of your Real Estate agent have been utilized efficiently and properly.
We’ll answer questions like:

  • Are you getting what you bargained for?
  • Is the title clear?
  • Is there an old lien on the property?
  • Are there existing easements?

Our end goal: No surprises.
Because real estate surprises don’t usually end well.


Pheroze Jeejeebhoy, C.S.  

Certified Specialist (Civil Litigation)

Celebrating 25 years of being Incredibly Professional, Atypically Kind.

Tel:  905-523-6464     Fax:   905-523-8080

Website: www.pjkjlaw.ca

Address:  108 John Street North, Hamilton, ON  L8R 1H6